Handmade gold silver necklace with topaz. The materials we used to create this unique necklace are:Gold (k22) & Silver (925) and mineral stones (exclusively).Chain metal is Silver (925). We give to our jewelry the stone’s natural shape. All the jewels are handmade and unique, aiming at design personalization and the preservation of natural beauty.

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You feel it when you are Born & when you Express your Feelings.

Handmade Gold & Silver necklace (K22, 925) in natural shape with topaz. The selected gemstone for WISDOM collection is topaz. All our collections are oriented toward authentic gem lovers who know how to identify and distinguish all materials and toward nature lovers who want to learn more about its treasures. Topaz strengthens our body and mind. It’s something like a super power as it gives bravery to dare, more energy to overcome the difficulties and wisdom to listen your needs for the next level. This collection is wisely designed!

Dimensions: 11,4×8,5mm.