Cirtine Ring one of a kind Handmade in Gold k18


Handmade gold ring with citrine.The materials we used to create this unique ring are: Gold (Κ18) and mineral stones (exclusively). We give to our jewelry the stone’s natural shape. All the jewels are handmade and unique, aiming at design personalization and the preservation of natural beauty.


You feel it when you are happy & when you believe in YOU.

Handmade gold ring (Κ18) in natural shape with citrine gemstone. The selected gemstone for EUPHORIA collection is yellow Citrine. All our collections are oriented toward authentic gem lovers who know how to identify and distinguish all materials and toward nature lovers who want to learn more about its treasures. Citrine provides us with so intense light as its bright yellow color. This “sunny” collection has the way to make us feel grateful for every beautiful moment and gives us the right to think clear, to be optimistic and believe in our power.

Dimensions: 15×17,5mm.

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