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The creation of jewelry follows a similar magical path to that of humans. It is created by nature in a beautiful, raw environment. It glows in the sun; it loses its glow in adverse weather conditions and returns to its initial bedazzling condition following a special treatment. Last but definitely not least, it transmits its beautiful energy, which will live forever!

Giorgos Efraimis

Our motto “Born by Nature, Live by Heart” expresses this feeling in the most suitable way. It is the natural beauty that is hidden within a gemstone which is then transformed into a handmade jewel, through our love. Yorgos Efraimis is the instigator of the titular handmade jewelry series, which is based on raw gemstones.

The gemstone itself defines the shape and the binding of every jewelry of the collection, which also impresses with its natural ornate design and the grandeur given by its simplicity.

Yorgos΄s 20 years of experience in jewelry, along with his studies in Handmade Jewelry, Diamontology and Gemology, and his talented resume, give him the opportunity to see every single stone through his own perspective, finding great enthusiasm in the discovery of their unique elements…

The term “mineral” is more powerful when compared to the term “gemstone”. Gemology does not distinguish minerals into precious and semi-precious. For scientific purposes, the term Gem Stones does exist, which includes all natural stones and minerals.

All the jewels are handmade and unique, aiming at design personalization and the preservation of natural beauty. The materials that we use are: Gold (18K, 22K), silver and mineral stones (exclusively). All our collections are oriented toward authentic gem lovers who know how to identify and distinguish all materials and toward nature lovers who want to learn more about its treasures.

Every time I create a jewel, I always ensure to give a pulse by following Mother Nature. Through natural flow, I give prominence to every single mineral and transform it into a jewel with the congruous combination of materials. For me, the jewelry industry gathers many of those features that help me to express myself.

As for the stones? The more you get to know them, see them and touch them… the more you’ll love them!